Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A year of sensory

Last August marked the start of our monthly sensory boxes and my journey as a stay at home mommy. I started the goal to create a new theme box each month. It was so nice to walk in the garage yesterday and pull out the August set. I will probably add to if needed. I am adding books in this round to read and explore while he plays. Yep its the teacher in me to keep with a theme and add books to it. And believe me I have books for all of the themes :)
It will be neat to see how his interest change this year or what he knows now. I may make a few new ones throughout the year. There's a link to the original post for each one.

 So here's a recap of them all.
August 2012 - Ocean Theme - Age 17 months
August 2013- Look how big he is! Of course he still loves to get in the box.
September - Dinosaur Theme - I know Jman will especially love this one next month. He is so into dinosaurs right now.

October - Halloween Theme
November - Fall Theme - Wish it could be real leaves
December - Gingerbread Cloud Dough - This is one I will probably redo this year. I wanted to do a better one last year but Christmas was really busy.

January - "Snow"- this was a simple rice and scoops bin, but it was one of the favorites. It allowed for lots of imagination.

February - Valentines Fun
March - Birthday Fun

April - Flower Planting

May and June  - Messy Construction - another fave! Ok I missed the month of June, but for good reason. We welcomed our newest superhero Reedster.
July - Bugs
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