Friday, June 20, 2014

True Love

I write. I write to heal. I write to cope. I write to love. I write to hope. I write to process. I write to celebrate.  I write to hurt. I write to grieve. I write. 
I usually write anytime something big happens. It's how I deal. I wrote when I almost lost my brother in a terrible car wreck. I wrote when I met Kevin. I wrote when I became a mom.  I wrote when I struggled with Jmans birth, and still do. I wrote when I hated my job. I wrote when I made a life change. I wrote when my Granny  passed. And now I write because I'm grieving again. This post is not about my grandma. Not yet at least. I can't seem to fully put into words my feelings yet. But they're coming. This one is about love. True love. And one of the greatest men ever to walk this earth. 

I have a secret for you. True love is not about flowers, chocolate, gifts, fancy dates, extravagant weddings, big engagement rings, fancy vacations, huge houses and anything else considered "romantic". This right here is romantic and the perfect glimpse of true love. 

Standing beside someone for 60 years! Putting those wedding vows into action. For richer or poorer and sickness and in health, til death do us part.  My grandparents shared 60 years together, 60! They lives a simple life, followed Christ with all their heart and raised a wonderful family. My Pappaw is the sweetest man I know. He is quiet and strong and hard working.  He loves my Mammaw. He stood by her for 60 years. Through the good times and the hard. The really hard. He never waivered from her even through the harsh words that came out of pain, through the times he was pushed away, he was there. In the end that's what mattered, he was there. She knew that, he never left her side. That is true love. 

I hope to be so lucky to spend so many years with Kevin. That at the end of my life, he is there by my side like this. All the gestures or presents or dates will not matter. This does. 

These two set quite the example of how to keep a marriage going. It wasn't always easy or pretty. But it was strong and it was centered in Christ. Thank you for showing true love can last. 

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