Monday, August 6, 2012

August Sensory Box

Well well well it's been awhile. These 2 weeks have been insane. I feel like we haven't been at home, haven't ate at home, and certainly been missing out on messy sensory fun. Selling a house is rough. We've been blessed with being kicked out of our house so many times. Just happy the house is being shown and hopefully things work out soon. So because of all the showings we have not spent much time at home. And when we are, we are cleaning it seems. Ahhh!

So this weekend I made an August Sensory box. I've decided to do a monthly theme and have planned one for the whole year (call it the lingering teacher in me). So this months theme- ocean. J loves sea world and walks around saying "Mu" for Shamu. He thinks I'm crazy when I say a cow days moo. I get the 'no it doesn't mom' look. He loves fish! Especially the ceiling of fish at the museum and the aquarium there. Soon I am buying that boy an aquarium! So I went with the ocean theme. I died a whole lot of rice blue! Think it was like 12 cups at least. I just added a little alcohol and blue food coloring to the rice and baked it real low so it dried. J was very excited when it was baking. I made several shades of blue so it looked like waves. I bought some dollar tree fish and some seashells. And there we go. Plan to just bag it up at the end of the month and save it for next year. It's been so long since we played rice and J thought he could eat it. :/. So hope that goes away. He made the fish swim and pulled them each out and said 'fish'. He scooped with the sea shells and of course poured it out. But this time we kept most on the sheet! Woohoo progress! Hoping to spend more time t home and getting back into our sensory activities. He really loves them!

I also had another Etsy order this week!! I made 25 name place settings for a dinner party. Bring on more orders :)

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