Monday, November 12, 2012

November Sensory Box

I'm a little late this month but with good reason. We spent all of last week laying on the couch watching movies. But little man is back to his normal self. Non stop running and eating me at out of the house :). And he just now conquered the fridge water and is helping himself. Sure did miss my busy boy last week.

Today I emptied out the Halloweeen box which came with a lot of crying. Someone didn't like that idea. Since I live in the the state of two seasons, summer and more summer, there are no pretty leaves around here. Bummer. So I had to buy fake pretty leaves for our box. I did snatch some pine cones when we were at the renissance festival a couple weeks ago and found plenty of acorns in our yard for our box.

Jman is not very impressed with this box. Probably because it does not make a mess! What fun is that? He finally started to explore in it once he accepted the fact that there are no rice and beans to pour everywhere.

At least we can work on more colors with this box. We have blue down, now we can work on red and yellow. Even though J is not impressed I LOVE FALL!

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Take a look, it's in a book

Jmans book nook is done! I decided to turn his closet into a reading area, because we may have a few books in this house. I sorted through my hundreds of books and pulled in my reading barrel and some of my stuffed animals. (Still wondering what do with all my other teaching stuff) I love how much he loves books. We spend most of the day piled in books. I printed some of my favorite child quotes and hung them up. And now he has a space in can use for years.
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