Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Sensory Box

I realize April is almost over and I'm just getting this up. :). April sensory box is spring themed. We're pretend planting. We did plant real flowers outside that are growing quite nicely. Although we should check on them since we've been stuck inside sick.

I used black beans and bought some cheap pots and fake flowers from dollar tree. Jman is really just enjoying the beans and pots. As most boys would do he threw the flowers out. He also doesn't like mommy trying to plant his flowers. Silly boy. As usual Jman likes to fully experience the sensory box by being in the box. If monkey keeps growing so fast, he will need a bigger box!!

I'm excited for our May box. Jman will LOVE it. Not so sure there will be a June box but I don't want to skip a month because we're only 3 months away from having a full years worth ready to go. Can't believe it!

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