Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slow it down

I forgot how much I enjoy staying home all day with Jman. We've been so busy lately and i've let us have plans everyday. Which I actually hate. I love seeing our friends, MOPS and Bible Study, but we also really enjoy a full day at home. My goal has always been to stay home at least one day, if not two a week. But sadly I have not been doing that. So thats what we did today. We've had so much fun, and its only nap time :)

We had a dance party this morning. I made us some ribbon dancers by tying ribbon (which I may have a ton of for my shop) to shower curtain rings. Turned on some music and had at it. J loves ribbons, he's always taking my stash, so he thought this was the greatest new toy ever.

I also pulled out the sensory box. I don't know why I haven't been keeping up with it ( I skipped December theme, oops), he absolutely loves it! When he sees the sheet come out, he gets so excited you would think Mickey Mouse just came in riding on a big old tractor covered in Christmas lights.  This month we're going simple,  I just put plain white rice, some scoops, funnels and a couple trucks. I was so proud of him he didn't throw it or dump it all over the floor. Its nice to be past that stage. So there was minimal clean up. He played for 2 hours, and cried when I tried to put it away. So I waited until naptime. So I will be planning our February one starting now.

I really need to get back into our sensory and art activities each week. He always loves them, and I enjoy planning them. Guess its the lingering teacher in me. So from now on, we will stay home at least one day of week and be creative and imaginative. Its nice to slow it down and fully enjoy the fact I am home, and we can take it easy, and he doesn't need constant entertainment. Jman's imagination is all we need. I love the days where he doesn't pull out any toys, but yet he was busy at play in his own little way.

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