Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poopy Mom Day

Yesterday was one of those days I felt awful as a mom. Just flat out poopy. Excuse the word, but I live in the world of a budding two year old and after a MOPs meeting on expressing your feelings poopy is the exact word. Pretty much the moment we got up it was rough. Mostly I didn't sleep well and all of sudden felt a rush of overwhelming obligations and sadly took it out on Jman. I woke up yesterday realizing with the upcoming market day, Js birthday, VBS committee and the coming of our precious baby 2 I have a lot on my plate and well it got to me and in a minute I went straight to poopy mommy. And my poor little guy didn't deserve it and that one minute ruined my day. I felt so awful that I let my emotions get the better of me. Honestly I'm going to blame hormones. I hate them. I hate not being in control, and sadly those suckers get the best of you. Thankfully children are much more forgiving and forgetting than any adults I know. They almost forget as quick as a dog. So that one minute of the day put me in a funk for the rest of the day.

I also left MOPs feeling like I'm about to destroy Jman's world by having another baby. I got the impression that my sweet, funny, cutest kid ever is going to turn into a jealous monster that hates me and Cappie. And I just kept thinking "what am I about to do?" I'm sure that was not the intent of the meeting. But thats what I left with- feeling more poopy! I remember how awful people made me feel before Jman all their comments "just wait til the baby comes, you will never sleep, it's just so hard" blah blah blah. Things you don't want to hear. Now I hear "oh with two kids you'll never do that again, they're going to fight all the time" more blah blah blah!! Not helping anything. It makes me want to hide in hole for awhile and have fun with my Jman.

Which is what we did today. Stay in and have fun, which included jumping on the couch. Because I honestly it doesn't bother me that he jumps on the couch! So jump away Jman before I destroy your little world.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

February Sensory Box

Time for Valentine's fun! Yesterday we played in our February sensory box. I dyed some rice pink and mixed it in with white. We had some red and pink hearts to play with and some cups to dump rice in, sort colors, and whatever other fun we can think of. New shape of the week: heart! Jman loves his sensory boxes. He thinks they are so much fun. Usually there is crying when I put them away.

We also painted today and made Valentine's. I used the idea I found on pinterest to use a toliet paper roll as a stamp. It worked great!! He stamped red and pink hearts all over the paper. It came out really cute. And of course a little paint on our hands makes it perfect.
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Friday, February 1, 2013

How much love can one heart handle?

I will need to change my blog name to "Raising Superheroes" because baby 2 is a boy!! Finding out Jman was a boy was a dream come true. And now hearing "Cappie" is a boy, I think my heart will explode. I have never been a girly girl. I had two big brothers and played baby dolls as much as I played GI Joes. I had skinned knees more often than not and was usually found outside. So honestly, the idea of raising a girl scares me! I know I could do it, and would love her to pieces and as my mom said "it would be cute to have a little Crystal running around". A little girl yes would be cute, but I can't do big giant bows, or the tutus, and playing princesses all the time is not for me. So I must say I'm a little more excited than I thought I would be to having another little boy. I really didn't think I had a preference this time, but God knows best and he gives us what he has planned. And although I hear it in people's tone "oh a boy" when I told them, which I don't get because the only people it should matter to live in my house. I am excited. Girls are cute and maybe one day we will have one but for now it's boys club around here.

Quite possibly the excitement may be from knowing at all. I was so worried up until now, worried about having 2 kids, and all those silly mommy worries. Now I know it's a boy, I can picture our family a little clearer. And my heart feels like its busting and I haven't even met him yet. I wondered how love grows with next child and obviously it bursts! I can see it now Two boys who will have me forever wrapped around their fingers, covered in dirt and wrestling, skinned knees, kicking balls, eating us out of house and home, and Kevin and I running right along side of them. I will be needing a paying job just to feed these boys. Haha.

Rman we cant wait to meet you and have you join our family. If my new little man is anything like Jman I would have a dozen!!

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