Thursday, August 29, 2013

Superhero Camp

First off all you single parents, spouses who travel parents, or deployed spouse parents, you guys ROCK! I don't know how you do it all, all the time. Kevin was gone 6 days and I am running on no sleep, house is a mess, haven't cooked and laundry is everywhere. Kudos to you. You are my new hero!

Daddy was gone Sunday to Friday so we had Superhero Camp to entertain Jman. It was also survival camp for mommy. Basically we were trying to do different fun things to occupy us while daddy was gone. 

Sunday J helped daddy pack by stashing cars in his suitcase. You never know his conference was probably really boring and J wanted him to have something to do.
Jman started Sunday School! He walked right in ready to play. He's had a rough few weeks in the nursery since Reedster was born. He seemed to really enjoy it. I asked him what he did and he showed me his book and said "Thank You God". Pretty significant lesson that we all need to remember. 

That evening we made homemade popcorn (the best kind) and watched the classic Lion King! I've been trying to get him to watch if for months knowing he would love it, but he always refused it. Well he finally did and LOVED it. We put blankets and pillows down and watched in style. Reedster hung out as usual. 
Monday we went to a play date and had fun with our friends Aubrey, Ethan, Haley, Lily, Carson, and Raelynn! Lots of fun, so much fun he refused to nap. Boo!! Luckily it felt wonderful outside so we played from about 3-6 outside! Makes up for all the scorching, melting heat days we missed outside. Mommy made scented sand paint and we redecorated the deck. It was a mixture of flour, water, koolaid,and sand. Creating a textured washable paint that smelled yummy!

Reedster chilled inside laughing. 
We had some pool time and made a huge bubble pool. 

We then made our own homemade pizzas. 

Tuesday we went to CFA for breakfast and went birthday present shopping at Target. 
When we got home mommy made flubber.  Jman was NOT impressed and refused to touch it. Alright cross that off the sensory list. 
J was getting a little cranky probably because he didn't nap Monday so we made the cure all pillow pit. 
After naps we went to my parents to have dinner. Pappaw, Jman, Reedster, Indy, Scooter and me all had fun on the trampoline. Well we all sat while J jumped and bounced us. 
And then it happened. Something I've never experienced. The bee sting. After trying to keep my dog from eating the bee it landed on J and stung him. That was a cry I have never heard or want to hear again. Then it was an ordeal to all get off the trampoline including the silly dogs. I have never been stung and had no idea what to do. Of course 5 minutes later Jman was fine and running around like usual. We had a yummy dinner, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni. All homemade and my favorite made by my mom. Or maybe Dumplins is. It's a close second! 

Wednesday we had Reedster's check up. Big boy is 24 inches 13.5 lbs, bigger than Jman at 2 months! Couldn't believe it. She went on and on how impressed she is. She couldn't believe he already laughs! I told her we make happy babies. And she said the best compliment we could get "That shows you have a happy and calm home." That felt so nice. That's what I hope for a happy, loving home. 
He's so tall. 
Of course there were shots making it a rough evening and following day. But at least he had superhero band aids!
Jman napped on the long way home which meant he did not take a usual nap at home. Boo!

So we had an impromptu play date with Amy! Thanks friend for letting us play. 

Thursday we had another play date with Lily! Then we went to lunch with "cookie" I mean Grace! We bought her a pizookie the best dessert in the world, for her birthday. 
And guess what Jman did NOT nap again!! Ahh. So we watched Dumbo, such a sad movie. 
While he watched it I whipped up some cloud dough. I wish I had made more. Jman pretty much squealed when he saw it. So he had a blast playing with the dough and tractors. Reedster was pretty fussy so he chilled with us. 
I think he likes it!
Reedster had a rough night. 
Friday we had a play date at Pee Wee Bees, with the usual crew. :) 
Mommy had fun jumping with Jman. Sadly though I'm not as recovered from my surgery as I thought and really feeling it today. Daddy wasn't getting home until almost bedtime so we went back to pee wees after nap and closed the place down. 

Daddy came home and Jman said "Daddy that was a long day at work!" Such a clever little guy. 

I love my boys to the moon and back but I am wiped out! So superhero camp sometimes was fun and sometimes it made us cranky. We certainly missed our daddy and really appreciate him when he's here. Momma is off duty this weekend!

Babe the trash needs to be taken out and bottles washed. :)
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