Monday, October 8, 2012

October Sensory Box

The weather is cool (at least today) the leaves are still green, pumpkin patches are popping up, must be October in Texas.

I LOVE this time of year for so many reasons and so excited to share them with Jman. Granted it is not ever freezing in this city and the leaves go from green to brown, but I try to make the best of it. Jman and I plan many outdoor outings now that the heat has somewhat let up, and are excited to explore the world around us. Jman has already starting bringing things in the house, like rocks, leaves, acorns, snails. Time to start checking pockets before laundry time.

So with the change of months, its time for the next sensory box. This theme is Halloween. I filled the box with black beans and bought some small pumpkins and some bats and spiders to fill it. Jman immediatly starting oooing when he saw it. He enjoyed flying the bats, and filling the buckets with beans and pouring them back and forth. He started picking up beans that he would dump out, which is a nice thing. Jman thinks the best way to experience a sensory box is by being IN the box. What better way to do it? Love my little man.

I also created a felt pumpkin for Jman to decorate that is stapled to the wall. I cut out several eyes, noses, and mouths to play with. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of it, but he will. Maybe once we carve our real one he'll understand it a little more. Its good practice for the Christmas one I want to make.

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