Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two hands and two sick babies

Just when were getting the hang of the two kiddos at home, finding our our new normal, Jman adjusting well and stopped screaming for milk every time Reedster ate, just when I feel good and start back into our fun activities BAM they both get sick. Not feverish, cold sick. Stomach bug sick. Wow having two kids immediately means both kids get sick and pass it back and forth. Yikes. Never really thought about that reality.  I will spare most of the gross details but with a stomach bug you know what that means. 
It started in the middle of the night Sunday and J got sick, he seemed fine the next day so I thought it was something he ate. He continued to be his joyful self. A couple days later he stopped eating and just didnt seem right. Then Thursday, my sweet little one caught it and couldn't keep anything down. Then Friday comes and out of no where J has it again. 

Yesterday  I was so torn as to which baby to hold. Both didn't feel well, although Jman didn't really act all that sick, that is until the baby let me put him down. Then he burst into tears and begged for "I carry you". It's so sweet he wants to carry me although he was the one sick. 😉  He then sat in my lap for a long time while we watched "Cars". 

It was then I realized, wow two kids sick and you're spread even more thin than usual. How do you balance both? How do you clean up after both? How do you cuddle and snuggle both? How do you wash everything known to man while snuggling both? I'm impressed Jman was so calm yesterday. I didn't even know he didn't feel good. Of course after our few minutes of snuggling he was ready to run again. That boy is endless energy. Here's to hoping he did not pass it back to the Reedster. No more ping pong boys, stop playing. 

Now seriously how do you get the smell of vomit out of a car?!? Jman has thrown up seriously only 4 times due to illness, once at the doctor, score for me not having to clean it, and twice in my car!!! The first time I was preggo with Reedster and thought I was going to vomit in return. Not fun. And again here we are. Guess I will keep Febreeze and spray it up my nose with windows down while I drive  everywhere. 

It's also amazing how different my attitude with second baby is. I would have freaked the first sign of J getting sick. Begging for an appointment, freaking out, texting my sister in law or calling with every little detail. With Reedster I feel awful he is sick and so young, but realize its inevitable with an older sibling. Can't quarantine them in their rooms. A casual call to  the nurse line to hear them tell me I'm doing everything they would suggest and call again if it gets worse. Hmm experience changes perspective. 
 The house is super clean, and all laundry has been washed. Here's hoping a good nights sleep will put everyone at 100% in the morning. 

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