Monday, September 24, 2012

Messy Mondays are Back

After two moves and three homes in the past month we are finally in somewhat of normalcy again. The house still has a lot to do but it's livable and it is already home. We are very happy in our new home! Still trying to get used to a different side of town so I am making several U turns but that will pass.


Jman is busy cooking and helping around the house.

Jman had his 18 month check and is one healthy, smart boy. Couldn't of had a better check up. We are apparently trying to get in those 2 yr old molars. We were very blessed with teething. J had all his teeth except these current molars by 1 year. And except for some drooling we never knew he was teething. But these last molars are no fun! J is not liking it all. He actually cuddled and watched TV yesterday which he never sits down long enough to do ( no complaints from me, happy to have him play instead) But Mater's Tall Tales is a cute movie!

Onto messy Monday! Yay they are back. Due to all the moving we haven't done any sensory or messy activities. I also did not make a September sensory box due to the moving. I had bought the stuff but it has been packed. away. So today we played in our ocean box again. He was so excited when the sheet came out! Went straight to sit down and have fun. I think he missed his box. He played for almost an hour. And I must saying sweeping tile is so much easier than fake wood floors. Score.

After we played in it I bagged it up for next August and decided to pull out my supplies for September. This months theme is dinosaurs. I thought about a fall box, but here in TX fall doesn't start until, um maybe November, so we will wait until then. This box was so much easier to clean up because rocks don't fly across the floor as much as rice and J would pick them up if one fell out. He also started sorting the rocks and putting all theblue ones together. Thats my genius. He was roaring like we think a dinosaur would sound. This box won't get much play time since October is around the corner. And theres lots of fun to do with Halloween :)

We decided to also do some painting today. And we painted a fall tree. Surprisingly it wasn't too messy. :)

I am so excited to start doing activities again with Jman.  It was nice staying home all day today just us. We clearly know how to keep ourselves busy. Its good to do every once in awhile. Pin It

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