Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Sensory Box

March is madness around here and it has nothing to so with basketball. It is full of birthdays and anniversaries and this year throw in Easter!

My Jman turns 2 this week so in honor of it his sensory box is birthday themed. He "helped" me dye his rice rainbow colors. So helpful. Then I put in birthday ribbons, confetti, noise makers, candles and birthday hats (which he hates to wear).

He had fun collecting candles and pouring rice. He tried his hardest to make the noise makers work. But don't you dare make him wear that hat!! As usual Jman thinks the best way to experience his sensory box, is in it. :) All in all a success this month.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

All Because Two People Fell in Love

This blog is about my journey as a mother, but this love story began long before Jman entered my life. Four years ago this girl got her dream come true when she said I do. Every girl dreams of her wedding, and dream I did and it was as perfect as I could imagine. But this story does not start there. Six years ago I took a chance, I stepped out of my comfort zone. When my friend called and said "can I set you up on a blind date?" Initially I was thinking "um no" just not my thing, too scary, but someone bigger than me, someone who had His plan in action long before that phone call, although I didn't realize it at the time, pushed me to say "yes", which came out a very reluctant "ok". Then all I hear is the phone being passed to some guy named Kevin. Three days later we went to dinner. We both wore our "fancy" shoes, which we laugh about now. Kevin wore some brown shoes that I've never seen again and I think I wore boots. We both admitted later that he wanted to wear - can you guess? CHUCKS and me flip flops. Lol. We dressed to impress that night. We went to dinner and decided to go mini golf where I impressed him with my swing as I hit the ball over the fence :).We laughed and had a lot of fun. Two days later he called and asked for a second date that we had that same week.
I would say it was a slow love story that took place after that. God certainly knew what He was doing. I quickly realized Kevin was someone that could make me laugh, he was/is the sweetest guy I know. He has always been so thoughtful and caring. I honestly can say I have never met anyone like him. Definitly the guy God designed for me. He balances out my emotional outbursts by staying calm in every situation. He genuinely wants me to be happy and would do anything for me and our family. Sometimes he drives me crazy because he won't make a decision, but honestly when it comes down to it, he wants me to be happy and won't make a decision because he wants to genuinely do what I want. Thats pretty great actually. He's a big dork and I love it. Hes awesome at his job! I may not go to work with him, but just hearing the way he interacts on the phone, its clear they look up to Kevin and are asking him for help. And of course he does it, no matter the hour at nigh. Hes clearly confident and really good at what he does. I am so proud of him and how hard he works.  And you will almost always find him in his chucks and me in my flip flops, well actually Kevin introduced me to something better called Sanuks. Its like heaven for your feet :)
On August 8, 2009 I recieved this shirt.  Kevin had a custom Astros shirt made for me that said this on the back. We had plans to go to an Astros game the next weekend, so I was like thanks for the new shirt, guess I can wear it next week. I did not know that this particular shirt changed my life. When I turned it over and read this, I found Kevin on his knee with a ring. Very creative of a proposal. Well done Kevin! 

Engagement photo
We started making plans and set the date for March 7, 2009. 4 years ago today, I put on my dream dress with the extra long train, I held my dad's arm fighting the tears and nervously walked down that aisle,  looked at the man who was waiting, exchanged vows, sealed it with a kiss and joined my life to his forever.  The wedding and reception was just as I had imagined. A perfect day in my life.  Most important that day joined us together forever. Started a marriage and an amazing life together. He is someone I laugh with everyday. I am glad to see him come home everyday. He is an amazing dad to Jman and I am incredibly blessed that God brought him into my life. We've been blessed with one awesome son, and another one on his way. Kevin has been so supportive of me and my choices in life and I hope that he would say the same of me. I love him more today that I did on that day I took that nervous walk down the aisle. I am very thankful I took that chance 6 years ago and went on a blind date.
Happy Anniversary Kevin,  you mean the world to me.

A few memories of that day.

And he took me to the best city in the world. Check that off my life dream list.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Reasons to love Jman

Of course I love my Jman but here recently his personality is just shining. Giving me more reasons to love him

10 reasons I love Jman!

1. He's so caring. At dinner he was blowing on his food because it was hot and then blew on mine to take care of me. He finds my shoes for me when we are leaving. Already so caring and thoughtful of others.

2. He's so funny. He has lately learned to make himself dizzy and it cracks me up to watch him spin until he falls over. I remember when that was fun (not anymore though)

3. He already relates church, Jesus and the Bible. Lately when we go to church he shouts "Jesus" and when we read the Bible he immediately says Jesus and looks for him in the stories.

4. He's so much like me it scary. He's already perfected the "you're stupid" look. Which I am known to give quite often. And when he doesn't like what he has to do he slumps his shoulders and sighs. Like I said scary.

5. He's becoming independent. He throws away trash without being asked, puts his dishes in the sink, helps clean and has started dressing himself. Which is so sweet but it's a little unnerving that he's does this on his own. Such a little sponge. I see you do it so I will too.

6. He's just so sweet. I love seeing him pat babies backs and play baby dolls and want to rock them and feed them. The other day while swinging he told me to sit too and held my hand while we both swung.

7. He loves his teddy bear. He carries him around, hugging him and telling him stories. He loves his as much as I loved mine.

8. He's so musical. He loves to dance, play music and now sing. He has been singing all day today and made up his own song while playing the piano. I can't wait to see what he does with that. I vote for piano or drums or saxophone.

9. He has such a great imagination. While he's falling asleep or just wakes up in the morning I hear him talking to his pals and creating stories and games. I often hear "come on Buzz or Woody".

10. He's just so cute!! And keeps getting cuter.

My little Jman is almost 2 and I loved seeing his personality blossom this year.

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