Thursday, August 22, 2013

Play and Learn

Did you know you can try Gymboree Play  and Learn for free? Yep! I always get a "coupon" when I shop there for one free class. But you don't need a coupon they offer a free class no matter what. We took advantage of that today (yesterday) I don't what it is, I'm rocking a really cute superhero. I wanted something different to do this week and I've wanted to see what this program is. So we finally signed up for our a free class!

I've wanted to put Jman in something. Last spring we did a ten week music program with Treehouse Music Together.  At first I didn't know what I thought of it, but by the end Jman was really enjoying it and he still sings the songs. Usually without any prompting from me or with the CD playing he starts singing and doing the motions. So I would do the program again. He has been amazing with Reedster. Better than I could imagine, so we try to make sure to do things with just him or geared just for him. So I thought I would try Gymboree.

After trying the demo class, I was quite impressed. I wasn't sure what the program entailed. Was it just climbing fun? Nope its not. So I signed him up today!

Reasons I liked Gymboree

1. Each age level focuses on an age appropriate skill. J's age group is focusing on logical thinking, meaning they are relating things to the real world. The teacher in me was quite excited, because this is HUGE. Something a lot of kids have trouble with. I already constantly relate things to the real world in everything we do.

2. The teacher introduced the class for the day with a book! Hello teacher in me again, got excited. She read them a short book and the rest of the class was using the gym as a place to reenact the book with pretend play. Jman is suddenly very into pretend play at home, so this was great. He jumped right in and pretended the different equipment was things in the story.

3. Very age appropriate. She didn't have absurd expectations. They had free time to play. She read a book, then as she went to get the next supply, they could explore, they would do her activity and then have time to explore again. Everything was about a minute or two before she changed activities. This kept J interested and he didn't constantly run off to play. Which impressed me since this was all brand new to him. He listened to her, followed directions and had fun.

4. The staff was super nice. Welcome you in and immediately started to get to know you and your child. They were not pushy to sign us up but answered all my questions. The teacher was great with the kids. They talked to me while I stayed an extra 15 minutes to feed Reedster. They were really nice.

5. They offer open gym time 4 times a week to just come play on top of weekly class.

6. It was fun! Pictures say it all.

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