Monday, July 23, 2012

Messy Monday: Take 5

After a wonderfully fun and busy weekend we declare today "pajama day". We usually try to stay home on Monday. Weekends are full of activities so we are both exhausted. I like Monday's to be a day to relax and get back to a schedule. And I think it's important J learns to be home. To relax and play at home, use your imagination, learn to entertain yourself and not be entertained. So on our pajama day we spent the morning playing with toys. Within an hour he did this. Messy indeed! I think he missed his toys.

Then for our actual messy Monday activity I decided to try the homemade paint, using sugar, cornstarch, water and salt. Well I'm not sure what it is supposed to be like, I followed the directions but it was more like sticky goop. It paints and it would be safe to eat but it was goop. So I think when it comes to painting I will stick with the usual washable paint.


We painted outside which I knew could lead to dirt play. And it did. He decided to add dirt to the paint. Next week I think mud painting shall be the activity. :)

Once he was tired of that we drive around in his convertible and had our first adventure with bugs! We found a ladybug and whatever this is. But he joined us for the whole ride and the car wash that followed. Interesting guy.

So staying home all day requires lots of activities, so we pulled out another messy activity. I pulled out the packing peanuts I had been saving for a sensory activity. He thought they were great! And it was a lot easier to clean up than rice (the sensory fave)

It's been a great day and exhausting. Time to nap.
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