Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life's a whirlwind

What a week! Fun and crazy all wrapped up into one. The week started off with fun at Mckenna Children's Museum. I know how exciting, my niece has her own museum, ;). We used another wonderful groupon and went with some friends. I LOVE this place. I really may buy a season pass. Jman had so much fun and I felt he was safe being free to play. It fit all his creative sides, playing in the kitchen, huge water table outside, music instruments, giant tinkertoys to throw :), and a J size kayak! Yes, yes and more yes! That boy will be in my kayak as soon as I know he wont jump out of the boat. We have already bought another groupon for the place and look forward to going back soon!

Then we had another playdate with a new friend. We enjoyed hanging out at her house and getting to know her better. Then Wednesday we had ANOTHER playdate in Austin with my sweet college roommate and her twins. We love seeing our boys interact now and actually see them play together. I am so happy that I can now spend more time with her and see her boys more often. After all they will be future Crusaders! (ha!) We are so blessed with so many friends to play with. I really don't know how we got everything done when I worked. God is good!

Then Thursday the craziness set in. The house is officially for sale. Only 2 days in and we are all so stressed out. I believe in God's plan for us and i know that He will take care of everything in his time. But being human all I want to do is run and scream!! And then someone tell me when it is ALL over. Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but with prayer and petition present your requests to God" How those words will play over and over in my head. We had 2 showings yesterday which is awesome!
So early yesterday morning I packed up the toddler and the dog, and had to pick up and pick up again toys that J manages to grab and throw as he walks to the door. Finally got us all in the car and went to the park. It was early, so perfect before the heat hits weather. My big boy climbed the stairs and went down the slide by himself! Ouch he gets more independent everyday. But I was so proud of him and his face of, Woah I did that by myself, was priceless. So of course he did it again. Love that little boy.

Then we went to the Petstore. Oh my a dog, and a toddler is a direct magnet for discussion. We got trapped in several conversations about people and their kids and their dogs. Wow! But we had fun looking at the fish and picking out our aquarium, for someday. I picked out a turtle for me, I mean J. J loved watching the dogs get groomed. We have to make the petstore a usual fun, free stop for him.
We had another showing in the afternoon and my wonderful parents let us hang out there. Indy is a bit distraught that he got to leave the house twice! And both showings were during Jman's naps. So that makes this even harder. So here's to hoping and praying that this goes fast, because selling a house is the definition for the word STRESSED!!
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