Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Messy Monday: Take 3

Today we played with our awesome rainbow rice that we got in our busy bag swap. ( a post about the swap will come). J loves his rice bins. It keeps him occupied for at least 30 minutes and in toddler time, that's forever. Today I put a sheet down and him on the floor. I think he may like the rainbow rice more than plain. So i will be making more of that soon. As expected he made a huge mess. We played until he started to throw it. Then it was clean up time. We drove our cars in it and beat it like a drum. I really think I need a HUGE box of rice and just stick him in it!

This may be our last messy Monday for a while and may need to make it not so messy Monday. Because I can't have rice everywhere when I need a show ready house.

Although I have quite the helper who wants to sweep up when we're done. He was mad when I used the broom and not him. So where can I find a kid broom??
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  1. Ya'll can come play messy Monday over here.

  2. toys r us usually has a kid broom and dustpan set over where they sell the play kitchens and food!