Friday, June 29, 2012

That's sew Crystal

I was blessed with a mother who can sew very well. You give her an idea and she will figure it out. I had the prettiest Easter dresses all homemade. I love that about her. I for one don't even come close to her sewing skills. But I am trying to learn and she is a very good teacher. I can sew straight lines :) I am practicing and trying to learn more. When shopping for a big sewing project together (which I will completly need her help with) I saw this material and thought - yes! race track for J. I asked him do you want Mater? And he said YES!! It actually happened. You can ask my mom. So I bought a yard of this awesome material and all by myself I backed it and sewed it and made J a race track for his favorite toy - CARS! 
This boy loves to play with his cars. Those and little people are his favorite. When I made it I didn't realize it would make the perfect traveling toy. We keep them in a small tub and it was great on our vacation last week. He actually likes to clean them up himself and keep them all together. So who needs an expensive car rug when you can make your own and it can travel with you. So one more sewing project down. Hopefully my mom and I can work on the big one next week. J will love it!

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  1. That is awesome!! That could be used in a block center too.....maybe ;)

  2. It sure could but probably would need something heavier on the back. :) Cheaper than those expensive rugs!