Monday, June 11, 2012

Messy Mondays

We're starting a tradition around here called Messy Mondays. Today Jman had his first sensory box. Any activity that is tactile is especially good for toddlers. Helps them explore the world around them and in a fun way. And when you're 1, it must be fun. There's my teacher moment.  We started simple today and plan to get more creative as we go along. So today's was a simple tin of rice and beans.
I debated doing it outside, but he loves to play outside SO much that he wouldn't have really done it. He would have run off to dig in the dirt. Because dirt and boys are a direct magnet. (I love it!) So we did it inside, hence the term "Messy" Monday. Mess is ok with me, it can be cleaned up and if it makes my child happy and he's learning, then lets do it. We're pretty much past the "lets taste everything" stage. Now he tries it and says yuck. So I wasn't too worried about eating it.

 J didn't quite know what to do with his rice tin. So I of course showed him. This is his "really mom I can?" face.

Once he realized he can play in this, he went crazy. Thus began the mess part :).First grabbing in big fist fulls and squeezing it and then he quickly found out its fun in your hair. Then it rains down on you and makes lots of noise all the way down to the floor. The dog runs around crazy trying to eat it and he went hysterical. Laughing his head off as he squeezed it and dropped it. Perhaps we need to work on the keeping it in the tin, but it can be cleaned up and then reused.

When I pulled him out of his chair, more rice rained down to the floor and he continued to play. Then we swept it up together. So continuing the learning process of fun and then clean it up.

So first sensory box is a success.
Did it make a mess? Yep.
Did my child smile and laugh uncontrollably? Yep.
 Is it worth sweeping the floor 3 times? Absolutely!

Next time we may add cups and spoons, but that will just make it easier to pour it on the floor. :) 
So Messy Monday actually just may become Mop Monday as well. So bonus there.  

So fill a tin up with rice and  beans and invest in a good broom and go for it with your little one.
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