Thursday, June 7, 2012


We are into the first week of summer, or my endless summer as my friend Eric calls it. The beginning of a new career. It really just feels like the usual summer excitement right now, it won't feel different until the school supplies hit the shelf in August and when my friends return to work. Then I might actually realize i'm a stay at home mom. I was actually a little sadder than I expected leaving work on Thursday. It was more of a sadness because a big part of my life was ending. The end of an era as my favorite show would call it :). A sadness like when you accomplish something big, and off to something bigger.

My summer started full speed with a long trip to Tyler for my cousin's beautiful wedding. I was a bridesmaid and we really enjoyed it. Very beautiful place and wonderful time with family. Very long, exhausting car ride, which helped push J to a new bedtime so that he will sleep later. Score for mommy!

 We have been super busy this week, and I have been enjoying every minute of my new job. Granted it is only one week in, but I think i'm going to like this. Spending every day with my wonderful son, who amazes me everyday. He learns new things constantly and he truly is a gift from God. I have actually been rested, able to cook everynight this week! (yeah that hasn't happend in a very long time), cleaning up the house, and many adventures already taking place. My first homemaker act this week of making J his cape. Every super hero needs a cape. My mom would be proud of me, I didn't have to call her once on how to use her sewing machine :)


I think he likes it!!

The week included lunch with friends, a trip to the park, stocking up the empty pantry, playdate, and a trip to the San Antonio Children's Museum (thank you Groupon). He had so much fun there. I can't wait to take him again. My little boy is getting big and can do so many things that just a month ago he couldn't.

Tomorrow we will be sensory box shopping!
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  1. Sounds like a great week! I keep telling Matthew that it's weird that I'm not counting down to anything. When Raelynn was born it was always __ more weeks until I go back to work. Feels so good that it's infinity weeks to spend with my baby girl. We need to get together soon so I can play with my Jack Jack.

  2. Agreed! We will have to hang out soon.