Monday, June 25, 2012

You Make Me Happy

We just got back from vacation at the beach and we had a blast. I learned something this week that my happiness comes from watching my child be happy. I for one am not a fan of the beach. It is not my top pick for vacations. Honestly if it was up to me I would go somewhere cold. We live in a heat feat 9 months of the year! When people say cruise I groan because I just am not a fan of the ocean. Ok first let me explain. Reasons I do like the ocean and understand people's love for it. Its incredibly peaceful. Sitting and watching the waves and looking at its unending vastness. It's beautiful. Gods masterpiece. I don't deny it's beauty and the fact it an rock anyone to sleep. It really is calming and just beautiful.

Reasons I am not a fan of the beach it's scary! Seriously it goes on forever and the fact that you could drift to sea and not get back. I've tried kayaking in the ocean I was terrified. I thought I wouldn't be able to fight the current to get back. I can see why people used to think the earth was flat and one would just fall off.  I am a swimmer. When in water I want to swim! Or paddling my kayak. I don't want to just stand there. Not to mention you somehow move even when you don't move. So the ocean does not appeal to the swimmer in me. Here's my dilemma I love to stare at the ocean and it's beauty but it's so hot that I want to be in the water but then I don't like the water. What to do then? So the beach is not my first pick. I'm a river girl.

But this is not the point. We chose to go to the beach because I think it's important Jman experiences it. Yes he won't remember but it is apart f him now. He got to see and be apart of God's beautiful creation. It's in his schema now (thats for my teacher friends)  The experience is what is important. So this week I watched the ocean through the eyes of my son and realized I have fun and am happy because he is. Not because I'm doing anything particarly fun. But he is having it. It comes down to him. Life is so simple and beautiful through a child. It reminds me how to just enjoy the beauty of life. Jman makes me happy. His happiness is worth all the fuss of being hot and loading bag after bag, driving for an hour "sightseeing" so that he can nap, going to bed at 7:30 because he needs too, all so that he is happy. Being a parent changes you in so many ways. But it creates a desire to sacrifice anything to make your child happy. I understand why my mom always would buy things for us or would do things to make us happy and never did for herself. I would do anything so I can see the look on J's face as he digs in the sand and makes a huge mess. As he stands at the edge of the ocean wondering what is all that. Watching him see a hermit crab and try so hard to throw it like a ball. To watch him watch the dolphins at the aquarium with amazement. Watch him play in the splash pad and be so brave as the GIANT bucket of water falls on him. Watch him chase the big kids on the playground because he wants to play with them. Being a parent is the best and most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.  

Hermit Crab Land
Can we take this home?
My two favorite guys.
One very wet little boy.
I love hotel beds!

One exhausted little boy.
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