Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

This post is to the two best dads in my life.

First of all my dad. He is my favorite dad in the whole world and I love him as big as the sky. I am a daddy's girl through and through (I'm also a mommys' girl) I am extremely blessed. My dad growing up was my hero, I wanted to do everything with him, and everything like him. To the point that I would eat Raisin Bran because he did but scoop out the raisins for him. I watched many westerns with him and our favorite is Lonesome Dove. He is my kayaking partner and I can always count on him for a good laugh. He is my strength and there is nothing a like a daddy hug. He worked like crazy growing up so that we could have all that we need. Although I am grown up now, I still need those big daddy hugs and to tell me that he is there for me. I know that he believes in me, and that he prays for me. Not everyone is blessed to have a dad, but I was not only blessed with a dad but one that would give the world for me. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Now to my child's dad. Kevin is more than I could dream of in a husband. He is caring, thoughtful and funny. He is my best friend. I am so proud of him. I now get to fall even more in love with him as I watch him as a dad. I knew he would be a great dad. He is goofy and has that playful personality. He will do anything to make Jcrack up. J is very lucky to have Kevin as a dad. He is always going to take care of him, he is always going to make him laugh, he will teach him how to work hard but also how to play. He is already great at making those dorky 'dad' jokes that someday J will roll his eyes at. :)  He works so hard for our family to take care of us. I know that he will do anything to make all our dreams come true. We are both extremely blessed to have him in our life!

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