Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crafty Crystal

So since I've discovered pinterest earlier this year, I have planned all these amazing things. Great recipes I've never cooked, organizing tips that I haven't used, quotes that are sarcastic and hilarious, and wonderful craft projects that I haven't made. So this summer I have made a point to sort through and actually accomplish some.

So during naptime yesterday I accomplished 2! I had bought the supplies probably 3 months ago and finally did them.

One is my own version of "date jar".

Kevin and I have had maybe 3 dates the past year. I had such a hard time leaving J for work that leaving him on the weekend was not a choice. So now that I am home Kevin and I will be more proactive about date night. We also are not very good about being creative with our dates and always just see a movie. Don't get me wrong movies are my favorite thing to do and usually during the summer you will always find me there. But staying at home also means a fixed budget, so date jar is a great fix for us. It is organized by ideas and budget. All you need is a mason jar, colored Popsicle sticks, ribbon want if you want it cute, and a sharpie. Decide what kind of date categories you want and come up with ideas for each. You write an idea on each stick then when you need an idea you pull it out.

I made 4 categories.

Red- free at home dates, which we will pick once a week
Blue- free or cost a little $ money, we pick once a month
Green-$$$ and requires advanced planning, we will pick 3x a year
Yellow- family dates that are free or $, we will pick once a month.

Here are some of our ideas:

Red- chopped challenge night, game night, puzzle night, movie or tv show marathon, create a couple bucket list, 20 questions- who knows who best, plan a fake vacation, star gazing in back yard, pull out pictures, take a walk down memory

Blue- dinner out, movie, la cantera walk, bowling -winner picks dessert, restaurant hop- different place for appetizer, dinner and dessert, go to thrift store and see who can find the craziest outfit in 20 min, recreate your first date, Sea World just us, go to Dollar Tree and spend $5 on each other- who got the "best gift"

Green- Majestic Show, Astros Game, night away, dinner and dancing ( a girl can dream right, ;)), rent a jet ski, festival, event Kevin's choice or mine.

Yellow- picnic at the park, day road trip - explore a small town, camp out at home -make s'mores, Orange Leaf, missions/rampage game, Guadalupe State park, kite flying.

I really look forward to trying this out. It will give us new ideas to do, because when it comes to planning that day, we always fall back on the usual. So this will be a great way to be creative. And we get to spend time together and be a couple, not just parents now. Kevin is my best friend and 50 years from now I want to still, want to be around him more than anyone!

Second project was a menu board. I debated about 20 different ones, then bought the supplies and then debated another 10 different ones. One of our goals to being a better family is to eat at home 6 nights a week. Difficult in this time? Very. Its just easier, and convient to eat out, but certainily not better.nOne of my favorite things about growing up was we ate out only on special occassions. I remember 3 home cooked meals a day. I want that for my child. So the best way for me to actually cook is to plan it out. If I don't have a plan then I more than likely say "Hey bring something home". Now eating at home 6 nights a weeks is a huge goal and I will be happy with 5 nights a week. So after looking at the many ideas on pinterest, I went to my favorite store and I bought the supplies to make a 12x12 frame, that I could write on and erase. Then was like hmm I need to be able to write breakfast, lunch and dinner on it. This won't work. Once I finally sat down and made it, I realized it will work for all three meals!! I got to use my Cricut, which always makes me happy, and put my scrapbooking skills to work and this is what I came up with.

And Kevin loved it! He said it more than once so must be good :). So now we have our fancy menu board to keep me motivated to make sure i'm planning all those wonderful home cooked meals for my family! Better living for the Seifords.

So i've already been very handy this week and its only Tuesday. Next homemaker project is in the works. Its a bit big, so it may be a two week project :)
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  1. Good stuff! Again I say you amaze me with all that you get done. It is all I can do to get breakfast & lunch stuff washed & put away during nap time & here you are making date jars & menu boards. I'm telling you I an going to hire you to do all my crafting. I hear it is easier to make 2 of something than just 1 ;).

  2. Aww thanks. These projects have been sitting in my room for months waiting to be made. So once I sat down they really didn't take too long. But this is the kind of stuff that I love to do. So it's fun. I will be happy to be your personal craft maker. :). If you want something just let me know.

  3. I have been wanting to make the menu board thing!!