Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Love Fall

This is such a wonderful time of year! Perhaps it's finally getting a break from the dreadful heat or all the new activities to do, but fall makes me so happy. There's so much to do and see ( even if our leaves go straight to brown). Since there's so much to do and see, there's so much exploring and learning going on around here. I HATE summer, unless I am in a really cold pool, my kayak or Schlitterbahn I am inside in the AC. Me and the heat are NOT friends. Sadly I didn't get to kayak this year but next year dad, we are going!! Pretty sure old blue thinks I forgot about him.

Anyways now that the temperature is bearable and pumpkin patches are popping up we are out and about. Jman is so excited every time we see a pumpkin! Every time! Even at HEB he thought it was the best place ever. We bought a bag of gourds to add to our fall collection of fun. There's a lot you an learn from gourds: colors, patterns and textures!  They're not just for decoration around here.

We enjoyed a visit to the zoo with daddy. We saw the two headed turtle!! How cool is Thelma and Louise.

We checked out a nearby pumpkin patch. Which will be the first visit of many.  This was RCs first visit. He's as usual not impressed. Jman thought it would be great fun to roll the pumpkin down the hill, thankfully there was a fence or there would be some smashed pumpkins. J was not too excited when I made him roll it back. 

I hung up our pumpkin to decorate. This year he's a little more interested and is actually saying the faces he's making and mimicking them.

We made pumpkin spiced playdoh. I haven't made this in a really long time and I didn't have cream of tartar so I used a different recipe. Not sure it was very good. Will have to try it with the tartar next time.

We've been going on nice, long exploration walks around the neighborhood. J saw deer recently and is obsessed with finding more. On our walks we collect different leaves, sticks, acorns to add to our fall collection. We met cat from "little bear". Ok we met a black cat who followed us for so long I thought we were going to have to keep it. Which is a no go around here.  We need a dog!! RC likes our walks. I forgot how hard putting a jacket on a baby is. 

This has nothing to do with fall, but we've been having a blast in our gymboree class. It's so much fun. He really enjoys open gym time. 

We've been wearing our Halloween costume so hopefully J will wear it on Halloween. We went between dinosaur and monster and monster won. J is starting to understand Halloween. And I'm excited that everything we see something he says "that's scary. I don't like it". Because honestly Halloween is not my favorite. We plan to do the church trick or trunk and fall festival but that's it. It's fun to dress up but that's about it. 

J really loved his sensory box yesterday. I think he played for an hour. He wanted RC to join the fun and he had his first experience with beans. J shared his pumpkin with him. RC was not impressed. 

We've been enjoying story time at the local library. Today we learned the letter e and had some fun.

I have more fun planned for the season! Just wish we could rake up a big pile of leaves and jump. The temperature is welcome to keep dropping! 

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