Friday, October 11, 2013

4 months of bliss

Sweet snuggle bear is four months. I'm slowly forgetting life before this blessing. It feels like we've always been a family of four. RC's been busy this month. He can hold himself up and hold his head up really well. He's already trying to figure out how to scoot while on his tummy. He tries to pull himself up. All things I've told him to stop and slow down. He's so captivated with J I think he's trying to do things faster. After a lot of concentration he found his feet. He coos and talks and sometimes yells. He makes this hilarious popping sound. He pretends hes awake, not asleep but awake. He will be sound asleep so ill lay him in his crib and those eyes pop open and fusses. I start to pick him up and hes asleep again. I love how he lights up when I enter the room. He's already teething and likes to wake up every 3 hours again.  Fun for mommy. I got used to him sleeping 8 hours and now I feel like a zombie again. But it's ok I will rock that sweet baby as much as he wants. Jman tries to teach RC all kinds of things. I hear him in the monitor "Reed this is a giraffe, a turtle, an elephant. He's going to be smart like his big brother. RC hates riding in the car, especially traffic! He cries and screams unless we are moving. I hate traffic too but can't scream about it. He hates drive thrus so at Sonic they hear "I would like a WAAAH and a WAAH!" I'm sure they love it. 

Big moment this month, he was baptized! Such a blessing for our family to come share this moment with us. Especially Uncle Sam for changing his truck route so he could be in town. It's a blessing to commit our lives to RC and Jman and promise to lead them to Christ until they can make that decision for themselves.  

RC you make me so happy. "I'll eat you up, I love you so"

Here's a few favorite moments from this month. 

My snuggle bear
Look what Jman did to me. 
Almost there

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