Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Overcoming Sickness

I'm beginning to think that getting back to normal after being sick is worse than actually being sick. When I'm talking about sick, I mean sick for days, not a random day bug or low fever. Jman caught the croup and ran 103 fever for three days and the cough is still going. He was not acting like himself until 7 days later. So when he's sick he can eat anything he wants because at least he's eating. He watched a LOT of TV because its the only thing that keeps him happy. And it's the only way I can get him to rest. Because even while sick he wants to run around. He played on the iPad a lot too. He was taking multiple naps a day and still crashing by 7. He even fell asleep on the couch. This has NEVER happened. 
So he was really sick. Thank goodness Reedster stayed healthy. I never want to see croup again. Even once the fever passed I thought we were better but he still felt awful. Couldn't do much without getting exhausted. So we spent 7 days, 7 long days watching TV and whatever to keep him happy and hope he would feel better. That's a long to be stuck at home. We were ready to be out and have some fun, breathe some fresh air, see people. You think the worst is over. 

And then you try to go back to normal. Back to limited TV, which is 2 shows a day, maybe a movie and usually no iPad.  Back to eating regular meals. Holy cow it's a nightmare. So many fits happen. So much whining and crying! I want to play iPad. No. I want to play iPad. NO. I WANT TO PLAY IPAD! NOOOO! I want to watch doggie show. No. I want to watch doggie show! No. I WANT TO WATCH DOGGIE SHOW! NO!!  You get the picture? This occurred for everything. Snacks, meals, TV, toys, prayers before meals. You name it. After a couple days I got tired of it, he was feeling fine and he was just doing it to be ugly. So it needed to end. And it finally did. 

He eats like he should. Doesn't ask for TV much and hasn't asked for iPad since Sunday. But there's one thing that he keeps refusing. A bed time story! He was so sick he literally was crashing every night and I didn't read to him. And now every night he refuses a book. I still read one last night and he cried the whole time. Who cries because of a bedtime story? I was determined to read it while he cried. Because no bedtime story? Breaks my heart. So I'm still fighting that battle. 

I have come to the conclusion having a sick kiddo really stinks. Recovering from sick kiddo. Nightmare!
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