Friday, October 11, 2013

Busy Bag Swap Take 2

I hosted another busy bag swap this last weekend. Last years swap activities were such a hit with J that I got a group of wonderful ladies wanting to do one again. A busy bag swap is where you pick an activity and make a certain number and then get together and swap all your activities coming out with that many different activities. Busy Bags are easy, quiet activities toddlers and preschoolers can do on their own, once shown how. They are easy to grab and take with you on the go. They also are a great time filler when you just need to shake up your normal routine a lot. When these are out J doesn't ask for TV.  We came out with a great bag activities! J has been digging around all week in the bag.  He's already found a few favorites.

Here they are!
Race Car Shapes - kids use the shape tracks to race their cars while recognizing different shapes. There is a circle, square, rectangle, triangle and oval. Great for naming shapes and identifying their attributes and sides.

 Caterpillar Pom Pom Patterns - Great activity for color recognition and creating and extending patterns. I love the bright colors.

Spelling Lacing Activity- this Momma came up with several activities to do this one. You can practice stringing letters, creating words, matching letters and spelling, make new words and so on. J loves this one! We're going to need more letters.

Shape Match Up - Kiddos match the correct shape to the outline



Magnetic Sticks - These are so fun. You can use them to randomly build, create shapes, use them on a cookie sheet and make pictures. My boy likes this one  a lot too.

Egg Pattern Matching - Cute activity where kids look at the card and match the correct color eggs. This is a good one for fine motor skills as well.
Alphabet Clothespin Activity - There are 3 ways to do this one. Kids match uppercase, lower case or the sound. Great practice for letter recognition and more. You can find this activity and tons other from
Heads and Tails Match from Brown Bear Brown Bear - You can find the printable here These are great for matching and color recognition. Easy to use so kids can do it on their own.
Five in a Bed - Jman and I sing this song a lot of nights. Now we have a super cute little bed to act it out.

Fabric Maze - you can find a link to this here This is so creative and fun. There is a bead sewn into the maze and the child (or adult) move the bead through the maze. I must admit I like to play with this one!
Button Snake - This is great for working with those fine motor skills. Kids string the button through the holes.
Lace Cards - Great fine motor practice as kids lace the string through the shapes.
Lady Bug Number Match -  Kids count the lady bug spots and match them to the correct number leaf. Good counting practice through 5.
Color Wheel Match - Match the color clothespins to the color wheel
PomPom Matching - This one has many activities to do: color matching, one to one matching, creating shapes with pop poms.
Felt Chain Links - Kids loop the rings together to make a chain.
Thank you ladies for all your great work! It was really fun. See you next year for the next one :)

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