Thursday, October 17, 2013

A child who steps off the sidewalk

Today while walking to the store Jman was walking on the rocks. A lady walks by and says " you're going to fall and get hurt, you should get off". First off these are landscaping pebbles, not mountain side boulders. Second off she might as well said "you're a horrible mother, how can you let your child be exposed to such danger!"  

That's how I feel every time someone comments on my child and his safety. Believe me I will do everything in my power to keep my child safe. Seriously though, walking on rocks? Just so you know he is not just walking on rocks. He is taking risks, small risks, but that's where they start. He is thinking for himself. Building strength and balance. He is problem solving as he teeters and totters this way and that. He is learning to think on his own and explore opportunities. I'm pretty sure all learning came from some sort of risk. If we only did the expected and stayed "on the sidewalk" we would never discover new things. We would never invent new technologies. We would never grow and get smarter. I wish for my child to take new risks and hopefully discover something new in the process. I would never let him be in danger or get hurt if possible. Walking on the rocks will at worst cause a bruise or scratch IF he fell. My child climbs the rock wall by himself, climbs ladders up and down, jumps off large rocks without fear and hasn't gotten hurt. I think a few tiny rocks he can handle. He is learning to become stronger, problem solve, and approach things with courage. So please Jman step off the sidewalk. Try something new. You may succeed you may not. But at least you tried. 

There is no learning in life if you stay on the sidewalk. 

Perhaps Silverstein says it best. He's my favorite!
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