Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddler Life

No! No!

Oh you didn't say anything? Sorry. Around here lately it is the proper response to well anything, according to my adorable 18 month old. So life on toddler land is a whole new world.

First off no more eating out. Three reasons, it's cheaper, healthier and easier! So Jman does not like to eat out. I thought he could throw food before but toddler throwing is so much worse it also comes with screaming and fit throwing. Sound fun? No ok we will stay home. So my thought is someone should open a toddler only restaurant so that these behaviors do not attract ugly looks from those that apparently forget, you went though it too.

Second, I have done something I said I would never do. Open packages in the store! Ah! But Jman has a whole new level of screaming when the raisins go in the cart and not in his mouth. It seems only raisins create this reaction. While on the store topic I HATE the HEB Buddy machine. He is not my buddy.

Third, having a child makes you do things you thought you would ever do. For me, it is celebrate Halloween. I have never been a fan of it. It was never a big deal. I didn't go trick or teach until I was in high school. But I find myself looking for the cute costume (which I will make the year) and planning Halloween fun. But I guess they are more fall oriented activities. Now this doesn't mean I'm going full on creepy Halloween. Just cutesy stuff. And I actually made a Halloween decoration for my house. (Gasp) I know. See pictures below. Although I have caved some on Halloween, I will not give in to Santa. We will not play that game around here.

Now despite all the wonderful new behaviors my child is showing I am still completely amazed at his new discoveries each day. He makes me laugh and smile so much. He is such a creative, smart, funny, athletic and absolutely cute little man!
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