Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Knights, pirates and fairies. Oh my!

This weekend we traveled into the fantasy world where knights roam the streets and fight for their country's honor, Pirates set sail, fairies fly, men play with fire, people dance in the streets, and Tarzan swings in. That's right we went to the renaissance festival. We love this weekend of make believe and enchantment. People are decked out in costumes and easily engage you in their conversations. You will see the most beautiful to the most embarrassing of costumes. You can throw tomatoes at people and fly in giant swings. (Which Jman hated, sorry baby). Jman received his first sword and likes to start battles with it. There are so many things that go on that you just have to see it. It's an event we like to see each year. And sometime we will go in costume! Here are a few pictures but they do not grasp the true scenery of it all.
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