Friday, August 31, 2012


Yep, two blogs in one day.

Jman and I spent a wonderful day at the park yesterday. With it being 80 degrees outside and no one there, we stayed over an hour. I really enjoyed watching him play and explore. He always plays in dirt, but yesterday he was actually looking and exploring the leaves and sticks. And figuring out what noise things made and what happens if he did this or that. He was discovering. It so neat to watch a child at work. They are enjoying the simplest things in life and think they are marvelous. Just like how God created them to be. Each of his creations are marvelous, and kids seem to understand that. As adults we sadly do not always remember that. I mostly sat and watched him, because he was so busy at work. He was so happy. And I was so happy to be there with him. That I don't have to miss these beautiful moments anymore. I get to spend everyday with him and watch him explore and learn.

 Later others started to arrive at the park so he got excited to see other kids and was running around smiling ear to ear. And a mom commented "He wont stop smiling, is he always this happy?". Simply put "yes". Something I've heard several times about my child, he's always smiling! And he is. He is a happy kid (especially outside) and his smile makes me smile.

We've been to the park several times this summer and his climbing skills have gotten pretty good. He has now learned to slide by himself and is quite proud of it. Yesterday he decided to go on a little bit bigger of a slide and his face is priceless.

I thought wow he is growing so fast and taking risks on his own. Doesn't always reach for my hand anymore. I looked over the playground and thought it won't be long and that will be his next attempt.
But when I thought that, I didn't think TODAY!!!! Later that same morning my child climbed the steps to THAT slide!

He of course followed a girl to get up there and she was like "come on already, go down".
 I'm thinking "Holy cow that's a tall one, you won't go down will you? If you do, you will fall off the side, oh my I need to get up there and help you, what if you go without me, what if you go while I climb the steps, who will help you sit down, oh you can't do that can you? " And that all happened in about one second. He sat there for a long time, probably trying to get the courage to push off, and then finally, down he went. My heart stopped as my 17 month old flew down the largest slide at the playground and  of course landed safely at the bottom. Just a month ago he wouldn't go down a slide without a push, he couldn't sit down correctly without you helping him straighten his feet and now this....


The adventures of Jman are only beginning...
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