Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blessed more than I deserve

Life around here is wonderfully busy. Our house sold and we close in a week! We've been super busy trying to find our next home and now we are busy packing packing packing. We move out on Monday. And we close on out next home in a few weeks. My parents are thankfully taking us in while we transition. Aren't they the best! Moving is a bitter sweet feeling as we leave our first house, the one we brought Jman home to, where we spent out first Christmas and Jmans first Christmas. I'm sure I will cry but I also know that a home is what you make it and who you are with. A house is a building you make that happen in. So although it is sad I know that we will make another beautiful home. And we're excited to paint and decorate our new one. The one we have was already SO beautiful we didnt want to change anything. So the next one we have plans for, time to stock up on paint brushes. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us. His plans are bigger and better than we can imagine. And his timing is perfect!

We have no had much time for creative play, or do the wonderful things I have planned. Which bums me out and makes me feel lazy. But I have not had time to do those things. Once life settles down we will get down to business. :). But Jman is perfectly happy playing in empty cabinets, boxes and he actually tries to help! Today he gladly packed picture frames for me. I of course redid them so I could bubble wrap them. :). But what a sweet kid. He has such a great, kind heart already.

Disclaimer: teachers may want to skip this part.
I cannot express how incredibly happy I am. This past week it set in my choice. My friends went back and I wondered how I would feel. Sad, regret, anxious? And the feeling is ecstatic and grateful. I actually do not have a desire to buy a school supply or set up a classroom. I don't miss the idea of meeting new babies. It just reassures me that teaching is no longer for me. I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad and definitely not trying to brag. But I just want to share how blessed I feel and grateful. Every morning I wake up with a sense of joy and contentment. I don't feel anxious or stressed. Teaching is highly under appreciated and unless you teach or married to someone who does you will never understand the pressure. I am happy to stay home and be mommy. I love my family and I don't know why but God blessed us more than we deserve. Thank you!

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