Friday, August 31, 2012

We like to move it, move it....

Well its done. Our first home is officially sold. Bittersweet indeed. So many wonderful memories shared in that home. But as the awesome, fast movers took our stuff away and I sat on the stair case and looked around I realized, its just a house. The house itself is not the happy moments, and all the wonderful memories. It was the people inside it that made it a home. The love and happiness made it a home. We were blessed with a beautiful house to share them in, but it is not the place itself that makes it a home. So I will always remember the wonderful memories, from the everyday ordinary to the big events. They will always go with me. And like my stuff and my family move, the memories go too. We have new memories to create, and more happy times to share in our next house. And just like this house, it is not the house itself that is wonderful, it is who is in it and the love that is shared. So we are excited to continue our journey together in our new home to be. And see what the future has for us. I am a little sad to leave the community of Schertz, I love its small town feel. I am excited for the great things this move means for my family. Phase 2 of Seiford new digs is in 12 days, then the unpacking begins, oh the unpacking. Ahhhhh!

I am going to reminisce and share some of the wonderful memories that were created in our Schertz home.
We were welcomed into our wonderful neighborhood.

We shared our first Christmas there.

We shared our first anniversary, and second and third :)

We decorated the first room to welcome our baby boy.

We brought our Jack home and I rocked him the first night in that home.

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family.

Jack celebrated his first birthday.

Lots of wonderful memories and many more to create (and don't worry friends, there will be many more Seiford gatherings to come)

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