Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful Heart

I didn't do the 30 days of thanks on Facebook like I usually do. We were busy doing a "thankful tree" in our home. Jman is only 2 but I learning to be thankful and show gratitude starts as young as you can, if you want it to really matter. Everyday we talked about things we were thankful for and created this. 
Jman pretty much picked everything on this tree. We would write it down and add a leaf to our tree. Some days he needed a little encouragement and some days he would name 3 things to add. With doing this tree I noticed his prayers change and he would add more to them. We always say "thank you God for God, daddy, mommy, Jack and Reed" and now he adds to that. He used to only pray with an echo prayer, now I start it by saying "Dear God" and he takes the rest. This month he also started saying thank you for things we would do for him. For example when we went to the zoo "thank you for taking me to the zoo" or "thank you for taking me to target". It touched my heart. 

Being thankful is something that should happen all year round, not just one month and certainly not one day. Kids learn from those around them. If you want your kids to be thankful and giving to others they need to see it in you, hear it from you and do it with you. I think our thankful tree should stick around all year or some type of thankful jar. 

I've been so heartbroken by the shopping craze this year. It wasn't so much the people having to work issue. There's always people working on holidays. Usually people they are serving others. Like my sister in law. Shes a nurse and had to work last night. What upsets me is that people couldn't wait to buy stuff. Stuff you don't need. People couldn't stay home one day to be thankful and appreciate what you have. They had to run out to buy something because it was on sale. Who cares! It makes me sick of some stores. There was no need for Michaels to open at 4 yesterday!! I will not be returning there anytime soon. Next well see stores open on Christmas to add more junk to the pile of presents you ungratefully opened just that morning. Anyway that's my soap box. Back to our thankful tree. 

Here's our list, only 3 of these are mine, the rest Jman. 
1. God
2. Daddy
3. Mommy
4. Jack
5. Reed
6. Gramma and Pappaw
7. Grandma and Grandpa
8. Cousins- Lauren, Mckenna, Everett, Sam, Jakob, Carsen
9. Church
10. Friends
11. Bears at the zoo
12. Apples (food)
13. Toys
14. Flowers
15. Park
16. Grace and Nathan
17.cookies (specifically Grace Cookies)
(My 3)
18. Jack hugs
19. Reeds cheeky grin
20. Kevin's devotion to our family 

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