Monday, November 11, 2013

My Exploring Buddy

We went on a nice, long, exploring walk today. I love these times with my boys. Jman finds the neatest things and RC just goes for the ride (for now). When exploring there are always two things on our list to find: deer and deer poopoo. Unfortunately we only saw one of those today. My boy is all boy, looks for poopoo and sings songs about it. Hmm what can you say. Boys. 

We grabbed our 30 cent bucket ( thank you target clearance) and gathered several finds today. Here is our loot. 

We actually found a red and yellow leaf. Not sure where they came from since all the trees in my neighborhood are green. 
I pressed all the leaves, so J can keep them and look at them. And a feather we found. It's black with a pretty blue stripe. 
My little explorer is quite the busy guy. 
RC chillin. 

The best find of the day was..... This guy
I totally missed him, but Jman was watching closely. He spotted this guy and watched him for several minutes. I love watching him experience new things and the patience he has to observe. He watched him all the way across the sidewalk and into the grass. He was even shouting at the cars passing by "everybody there's a caterpillar!" He didn't want anyone to miss this. 
This may have also been a great find. Superhero mask. 

I love stay home days. They always end up the best. 

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