Friday, July 5, 2013

Monster Hunting

My child LOVES monsters. It seems really strange. He actually looks in his closet to find them. He pretends they're around the house and runs from them. But it's all in fun, no fear. I guess it started when we watched Monsters Inc. He kept asking to watch it when we watched a movie. I didn't think he really got the concept of the movie until we were playing in his room and he pointed to his closet and said "monsters!" So we took him to his first movie this week to see Monsters University. Very cute movie but I love all Disney Pixar movies. He was quite confused at what 'going to the movies meant'. He kept asking for monsters while we waited. Luckily he had some yummy popcorn to occupy him. 

Since he always pretends monsters are hiding we decided to monster hunt today. Did you know a paper towel roll and  toilet paper roll are actually monster goggles? So we used our goggles and went hunting. Looking in all the usual places. Checking all closets and then the bathroom where we actually found some!  (His bathroom is monster theme) I put on his monster towel and became HUG monster! I tried to let him wear it but that wasn't happening. I would hide and when he found me the HUG monster got him! Our hunt was cut short when the Reedster wanted to eat. I have a feeling we will be monster hunting quite often. So if you see Jman and he yells monsters and pretends to run, this is why. 

Love my little man. He's so much fun. I love how his imagination is really starting to take place. He's starting to pretend play more instead of just cars and balls. 
Monster Goggles
Checking Reedster's closet. 
All gone!!
His closet all clear!
The second he was the monster. 

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