Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3: donate to those in need

Christmas often is a time when people want to give to those in need. Which is great but its something that should be thought about all year. I want J to grow into a giving, caring person so helping others is something I want him to really experience at a young age. Christmas is the perfect time to start this with him.  I wish for him that he sees Christmas is about others and showing love and giving to others.  It's not all about us. So I decided for us to donate to the Pure Mercy campaign at our church. I don't mind giving money but I also like to donate tangible things. So today we went and bought tooth brushes and toothpaste for the kids this campaign is for. This cause really tugged at my heart  from being a former teacher and my love for kids who need help and might not have the happy home they deserve. So we are doing what we can. Jman approved of the toothbrush selection. We will take the donations to church tomorrow.

We also played with our Christmas pompoms mats. He did really well putting the pompoms on the dots. These are really great. This set came with 16 different mats.  You can find them at She has so many great printables to use. I want them all! And on her website she offers Freebie Friday!

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