Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

I have had too many ideas to make for Christmas (thanks Pinterest) and now I've put them off too long and I find myself overwhelmed. But we'll get around to to them or there's always next year. One of my projects was to make an advent calendar for our family full of activities to celebrate the season. I got around to picking 25 activities but haven't made the calendar yet. Oh well forward we move with the activities. I chose 25 activities to do that focus on Christmas, serving others,giving to others,  having fun and most important the reason for the season Jesus. I plan to do them all but since life usually happens we may miss a day here and there. And the great thing is if something doesn't go well we can improve it for next year. Christmas around here is a Santa free zone. This has been something I've struggled with for years. Prayed and thought about how I want to approach Christmas once children were in the picture. And we've decided as a family to not introduce him. If you are curious about that feel free to ask, maybe I will post my reasoning if enough are curious. But let me say that this is my own personal choice, I do not care if your family celebrates him. To each their own. So no judgement from me, I promise. But I understand many do not understand this choice.

Day 1 for our activities : Light the tree and share the Christmas story and act it out with the nativity. First of all I have felt so crazy behind because I always have my tree up the day after all that turkey. So all week I have been frantic about it not being up. But it was up by Dec. 1. Jman came downstairs and said "wow" and was quite excited. Immediately he found all the "balls" on the tree. We talked about how to treat the tree, we'll see that goes :).
Jman may think the Spiderman ornament is for him, but it is his mommas :)
We read the Christmas story and acted it out with his nativity. I plan to do this every morning until Christmas. Hopefully by then he will understand Baby Jesus is important! It will be our Bible story every morning. He already knows the Bible is special and can distinguish it from all the other books.  He loved all his figures mainly because they are "new" to him at least. While telling the story he picked up Jesus and said "Baby!" and started rocking him. (he's going to be such a great big brother!)  Christmas around here is focused on that little baby so here's to hoping today was a good start to our 25 days of Christmas.
Baby Jesus!
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