Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Months of Baby Joy

The Reedster is 3 months old today. It seems like yesterday I was counting the days to see his sweet face. Its amazing how wonderful babies are. Granted you probably will not find this post or my ramblings about my baby as sweet as I do.  Because honestly, only my own babies make me feel this way. I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy to boys! (So no, i'm not going to try for that girl now, that question irritates me)

 Reedster is so precious. He is so easy going. He is so cute. He is another perfect little boy. I walk in his room and he lights up with a big smile. He is beginning to recognize and respond to people. Which is nice, we're past the you're a weirdo look, ok maybe not always. He is grabbing for things. He has found his hands. He is chewing on those hands like crazy. Which probably means, teething. He can lift his head up. He loves to be snuggled. He laughs! Its the sweetest sound. His eyes get bluer and bluer each day. He absolutely LOVES Jman. I mean who doesn't. He's one awesome kid. Jman is around and he lights up, smiling and laughing. I love the bond already forming between them. He is growing faster than Jman did. Ahhh another tall boy on our hands. Life with two is fun and exhausting.

Here are a few favorite pictures from the month.

Love my brother

I don't always smile

Why must there be tummy time? why?

And the monthly photo shoot :)
Momma I fell over.

Of course I have a hat

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