Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old Friends

Sometimes I absolutely hate facebook and all the drama it causes, and then you find why you have one. Last night I reunited with one of the most amazing families I have ever known. My boss from Chickfila. When I started my job there, I didn't expect to work there 5 years and I didn't know I would make a 'family'. I got to be apart of a wonderful family, through my boss and his wife, and watch their family grow. They have 2 awesome kids. My favorite kids in the whole world (until my Jman). ( I absolutely love kids, and although I am giving up teaching, my love for them will never change) I hate to say babysat, so I hung out with these kids often! They were my 2 favorite kids in the whole world. And facebook brought us all back together last night. My kids that I watched from the ages of 3-5 are now 12, and 15. Wow, time does fly. But they are amazing kids. And I was a small part of their lives. And I wondered if they even remembered me. The boy asked me 'how are you?' and I said "well i'm a mom now, so a boring adult." He then gave me the best compliment I have heard in a while "As I remember you, you were never boring." And as I remember we did have great times together, lots of running around the house. So even though I was just their babysitter, I made a difference. And although they touched my life more than I did theirs, it was nice to know I am remembered. I don't know why I felt I needed to write about this, perhaps its because I feel like I won't be remembered by 7 previous classes, or I won't be remembered fondly. I know that perhaps I did make a difference somewhere.

As for my Jman, he is my favorite kid now. And he is so smart! I look at him and think, wow he is real, he is growing, he is forming his own unique personality, he is learning. Things we've learned the past 2 weeks, is to sound like a gorilla, roar like a lion, say girl, and try his hardest to get his own water cup. And i'm sure before I can believe it he will be 15 and hopefully saying "Mom you were never boring!"
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  1. Aw, love that little guy! He'll be wandering around your house with his own little stool like Haley in no time. You're doing a great job!