Thursday, May 17, 2012

A better quality of life

Many ask what are you going to do with all your free time now? First of all, free time, I think not. But I definitly will watch lots of soap operas while eating bonbons. Umm nope again. I do expect of myself a better quality of life. There are so many times I say "I'll do that when I get time. I'll eat healthy when I have time. I'll clean the house next weekend." Because now every spare moment I spend with my family. Enjoying just watching Jman learn new words and tricks. Taking him places just to see him smile. So all those petty things can wait, because those smiles are worth a million dollars. So yes there will be sacrifices to make, but are they worth it? Absolutely. Maybe we won't buy as much stuff, but thank goodness. Kevin and I want a better way of life, to raise Jack in a way to appreciate life, and realize hard work is the way to make it.

So better quality of life:
1. Declutter your life of stuff. Well of course with a toddler I am constantly hiding, and moving stuff higher and higher (which my tall man still finds ways to). So its making me realize what I really need and don't need. So first off clean it up and get rid of it :). And well J needs more room for his toys.

2. Declutter your life of people. People who do not challenge you to be a better person, or raise you up and make you feel good. Goodbye. I'm ready to rid myself of drama. I left highschool 12 years ago and I believe I counted those days and much as I am now. I, in no way want to live through that again. I plan to surround myself with people who raise me up, make me laugh, support my decision, people who challenge me to be a better Christian.

3. Eat  better. Being responsible for someone elses health and growth totally makes you rethink things. He wants to eat everything I eat, so if I don't want him to eat why am I eating it? So that makes me cook fresher and less processed. Goal around here is to eat out once a week. Thats a tough one, but I plan to make that happen. I remember growing up and we ate out only for special occasscions, like birthdays and holidays. We ate 3 meals at home a day from home made foods, nothing processed. I never knew what blue box macaroni was until college or instant potatoes. So not only are we going to eat at home but we will eat things that I know where they came from. I want my child to ask "whats for dinner?" not "where are we going tonight?" Working makes this very hard, I know its an excuse, but really who wants to cook and clean up every night when you've been dealing with 22 crazy kids. Not it!

4. Be active. I want Jman to be outside everyday! I want him to beg, which he already does to go outside. He stands at the window and says "outside" (in his own cute way, but I know thats what he is saying). Too many kids spend their life inside in front of screens. So I want him to have a good balance of that. Use your imagination, explore, get dirty!

5. Live Simply. I just want to enjoy the simple things in life again. Put my focus back on the purpose of our lives, which is to live a life glorifying to God.

6. Give to others. As Jman gets older I want to really instill in him the importance of helping others. That we need to give back to others. So goal is to find at least one community service activity a month that Jman and I can do together. I still remember going with my mom to the food bank as a kid and stacking shelves. I want Jman to ask how can we help?

7. Be a better person. This one is all me. I feel I became someone this year that I am not proud of, and certainly not one God would be proud of. So this is a chance to change. I found this quote and it is exactly what I want said about me.

So I have plenty to do with all my "free" time. I am so blessed that we are able to make this choice. I know it is not one for everyone, but it is for me. I am so gracious that God has opened this door for us. I don't want to take advantage of it, and look forward to what He has in store for me, Jman, and Kevin. Pin It


  1. You've set some awesome goals! I can't wait to help you use up your free time. Sure love little J & God has blessed him with an awesome Momma! Hope I can follow your example as R grows.

  2. Love your list. And oh my how little free time we have! The cooking thing has been huge for us one of the best little perks. Totally agree on outside! Emma loves to dig in the dirt. I want to make a special flowerbed just for her to go nuts in. Cheap annuals that she can plant and replant to her hearts content. I love your number 6. That need used to be satisfied by teaching for me but now I need a new opportunity. I live the idea of including your kiddo.