Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boys and Clothes

I live with boys so I'm curious if this happens to all kids. My children cannot keep their clothes on! If they're not begging to take them off they are sneaking them off when I'm out of the room. Jman goes potty comes back with no pants. RC has learned to take his own off too. He wakes up in the morning and I find him naked. J seriously just did a dance as he pulled his shirt off. We played water last night. I don't put swimsuits on because there's no point for a few minutes of hose time. They're in the pool helping each other strip. The repair man came the other day and there they were, greeting him diaper and undies. He just chuckled and say I have a boy too. But we make him stay dressed. Haha. Good one. Wait til there's more  than one. 

What is going on? Is this a boy thing? A kid thing? I have no desire to do this. I never in walked into my room in college and found my roommates taking clothes off. So I'm guessing it's a little boy thing. Sometimes if I have the energy I make them stay dressed. Today is one of those that I do not. So Jman is not dressed. (The rule is at least underwear on) when RC comes down soon he will be asking to strip too. Sometimes I laugh so hard and would take pictures, but we made a deal as parents we would never post pics like that. Even as kids they deserve their privacy. 

Seriously. What is the deal? 

Things often said in our house:
Where did your clothes go? I went potty. 
Put your pants back on. 
Where is your shirt?
Yes you have to get dressed. 
Your friends are coming over put clothes on!
Your friends don't want to see you naked. Why not? 
I can pee in the yard, but not if Lily is here. 
It's naked time! 
Gramma doesn't want to see me naked? NO ONE wants to see you naked. 
Mommy watch this dance! 
RC where are your clothes? Tada! 
Did you undress him? No he can do it all by himself. 

Please tell me I am not alone in this. 
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