Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Falling More in Love

Everyday I'm falling more in love with my husband.

Apparently Kevin is a super hero. I guess I should of assumed, Jman and Reedster are. I've known he's a great father, been watching it for two years. Awesome husband for four years running.  But this week he has proven it to a whole new level. 

10 reasons I love him more today than yesterday 

1. He is always doing something juggling kids, taking care of me, dishes, laundry and more laundry ( man this kid likes his outfit changes) not sure he sits down. 

2. He sleeps on the couch with me downstairs since I cant sleep in bed yet. That's just plain sweet. 

3. He makes sure I rest and takes on both kids if I need to. 

4.  He runs Jman tired or takes him out so he can burn off energy. Which he has an abundance of lately. 

5. Never complains. I never know how exhausted he is because he's so tough. Yesterday I saw it on his face that he needed rest but never said a word. 

6. He does it all with this amazing proud look. He has this new smile. A proud daddy. My boys kind of smile. 

7.  He's put up with me the past few months. Unlike him I complain when I'm tired. A lot. And now I'm tired and hurting and emotional crying Crystal and he still say he loves me. 

8. He gives 110% no matter what it is. No wonder he's so great at his job. He's a really hard worker. 

9. He's a big kid at heart. I alway tease him for the snacks he picks at the store or when he sneaks Jmans. Or for the things he likes. But honestly it's a great quality to have. He's able to be light hearted and have fun. 

10.  He would do anything for our family. No doubts about that. 

Like I said he's a super hero. Guess I will be making him a cape when I make Reedster's. Perhaps we will become The Super Seifords - goal is to raise awesome kiddos in this crazy world. I waited a long time to meet Kevin.

 He certainly was worth the wait.  And now I've fallen even more in love with him. Definitely one blessed girl right here. 

Love you more babe. 

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