Monday, May 6, 2013

A Day of Perfection

I've been in a funk the past couple weeks. Getting more tired everyday and just frustrated that I can't play with my little boy like I want to. I can't jump on the pillow pit with him or rough house with him or even have a tickle fight afraid he'll get too excited and kick me. It's really making me sad to sit back and watch him play. It makes it worse knowing it will be a good month post op before I will be able to. So that's like 10 more weeks of no playing, really playing with Jman. So that's depressing on top of having to have a surgery I really don't want.

But today has been wonderful! It started with a surprise visit from dad which means I got a daddy hug, one of those only a daddy can give. We did the usual grocery trip and then went outside all morning. It is gorgeous outside. If you can get out there!! I filled the water table and he had as much fun you can with that. He is my child so water is the best entertainment! We ate lunch outside and he thought that was a blast. We played all morning outside until nap time. And he is currently going on a 3+hour nap. Guess outside wore him out. So if the weather can stay nice maybe I will survive these few weeks. A perfect day filled with ordinary things.

I absolutely love this little boy!!

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