Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Spring has never been my favorite season and especially not summer. Mainly because I hate the heat. So I cling to what little cool weather we get in Texas during fall and winter. Now having a child I have to come to appreciate all seasons. Each one is special and unique and has something new to explore. Sadly in Texas you might have to be a little creative with your explorations because usually fall is not colorful and things just die and spring is a small window that if you blink you will miss it. Thankfully my child has wide eyes and notices every change and gives us the chance to explore and learn. He was first to notice the tree changing and budding flowers and leaves. As usual my child teaches me to slow down. We are spending as much time outside as we can right now because I find summer to be miserable and can't stand the heat. Unless we're in a pool of water I hate summer.

This summer will also be a challenge for us with a brand new baby and having to balance the boy who wants to live outside and me wanting to keep the baby in.

We are currently on the countdown of 9 weeks. Eek that's soon. Since summer may be a sad occurrence around here for Jman we are trying to do as much fun as we can. My goal is to do something springy every week until baby. I really also just want to make the most of our time left of just Jman and me during the day.

This weeks project is planting flowers. I am not good at planting and well keeping things alive. So well see what happens. Jman filled the pots with dirt. He put in the seeds and covered them. He watered them. And wanted to keep watering them. :) and now we wait. We did plant some Lima beans because I know those things always grow and quick! So at least I won't kill those. I hope to some day have a garden mainly for the learning experience for Jman. Maybe next year we will attempt that.

Our seeds are planted and now we wait.

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