Monday, March 4, 2013

Reasons to love Jman

Of course I love my Jman but here recently his personality is just shining. Giving me more reasons to love him

10 reasons I love Jman!

1. He's so caring. At dinner he was blowing on his food because it was hot and then blew on mine to take care of me. He finds my shoes for me when we are leaving. Already so caring and thoughtful of others.

2. He's so funny. He has lately learned to make himself dizzy and it cracks me up to watch him spin until he falls over. I remember when that was fun (not anymore though)

3. He already relates church, Jesus and the Bible. Lately when we go to church he shouts "Jesus" and when we read the Bible he immediately says Jesus and looks for him in the stories.

4. He's so much like me it scary. He's already perfected the "you're stupid" look. Which I am known to give quite often. And when he doesn't like what he has to do he slumps his shoulders and sighs. Like I said scary.

5. He's becoming independent. He throws away trash without being asked, puts his dishes in the sink, helps clean and has started dressing himself. Which is so sweet but it's a little unnerving that he's does this on his own. Such a little sponge. I see you do it so I will too.

6. He's just so sweet. I love seeing him pat babies backs and play baby dolls and want to rock them and feed them. The other day while swinging he told me to sit too and held my hand while we both swung.

7. He loves his teddy bear. He carries him around, hugging him and telling him stories. He loves his as much as I loved mine.

8. He's so musical. He loves to dance, play music and now sing. He has been singing all day today and made up his own song while playing the piano. I can't wait to see what he does with that. I vote for piano or drums or saxophone.

9. He has such a great imagination. While he's falling asleep or just wakes up in the morning I hear him talking to his pals and creating stories and games. I often hear "come on Buzz or Woody".

10. He's just so cute!! And keeps getting cuter.

My little Jman is almost 2 and I loved seeing his personality blossom this year.

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