Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Exploring Adventure Number One

We are on a mission to make this the best summer ever! You know since our world is about to drastically change. Not a change I am looking forward to or a good one. But that's a post for another time.

We plan to go exploring at least once a week, hopefully to find some new places. Being outside is like magic. It brings happiness, it stops fighting, it brings exploring and learning, it uses the senses, it uses that wonderful boy high energy up, and its fun. Last night we decided to take a stop by our favorite park after dinner. I took RC a couple days ago and we discovered that it had flooded over the side walk, making a perfect toddler swimming pool. Where RC had a blast "swimming".

We had to make another stop for Jman to see the water, it had already gone down and we decided to check on our secret spot "The Seiford Watering Hole". It was much fuller than  usual. We saw a small waterfall, threw a whole bunch of rocks, fell in the water, made a lot of splashes, collected some rocks for painting. We learned. We found a fossil, where I learned J already knew about those, we talked about how you can discover how shallow or deep water is by the sound a rock makes when you throw it. Therefore learning how far we should venture into the water by sound. We explored, we laughed and we had fun! Falcone Park has a lot more to offer than just a playground.. Next week we will find somewhere new to explore and get dirty.

PS: Stride Rites new Phibian shoes are awesome! RC didn't slip once.

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