Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MomCon Take Two

Tomorrow I will get up (not at all bright) and early and fly away to MomCon. Last year I pretty much went kicking and screaming. I did not want to go. You can read about it here. 

 I  almost completely backed out. I knew I should go and that it would be good for me but there was more anxiety than I have ever felt. Ever. Guess what? I survived. The boys survived. I had a good time. 

Tomorrow I do this again. And this time I'm excited.

Here's why:
1. I get to spend time Johnelle, lots of it. Just me and her, no distractions. When I became a mom I received more blessings than just my boys. I made mom friends. Ladies I never would have met if I hadn't been a mom. And she is one of them. She's my partner in this coordinator gig, a fellow boymom and a  wonderful   person. She is a part of my tribe. Sadly the other part of our tribe can't come. She has become a very important person in my life. Although we've only known each other a couple years, I can trust her and confide in her more than people I've known much longer. This weekend we will laugh, share, watch lifetime movies and drink wine. It will be wonderful. 

2. Mops. I love mops! This will be a great time to learn more about it, how to be a better coordinator, how to be more involved, how to share more about this amazing ministry to other moms. I will get to celebrate and rest with 3000 moms who all feel the same way! 

3.  A better mom- I came out of this last year a better mom. Tips and tricks to handle these kids. A better person more focused on God, so I can be the best mom for my kids. I came home feeling loved and worthy by the One who created me and ready to love those blessings that He gave me even more.

4. Lisa Jo Baker. Jen Hatmaker.  JJ Heller. Matthew West. Lisa Jo! (Oh I said that?) 

5. Rest- physical, emotional and spiritual. All kinds of rest. 

Reasons I don't look forward to it. 

4 days without my heart. 4 days. I'm not one to seek lots of me time. I'm not One who likes a long break. So that is hard. I will miss my wild things. And very much look forward to the full body slam hugs I will get when I get home. I did stock them up on milk and hotdogs, they should be fine. 

Flying. I hate flying!! I hate small spaces  I hate lots of people. I hate that my ears don't pop. I hate flying. So here's praying I survive it and don't drive Johnelle crazy with my silly flying quirks! 

Off to Indiana and hope to bring my pup home a souvenir with his name "Indiana". Maybe even some socks (right mom?) 

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