Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Kitchen Reveal

For a long time I have had a dream to make a diner kitchen and wanted coca cola everywhere, with lots of red and turquoise. Red I love red! Obviously if you know me at all. So I started collecting things and asked for red kitchen appliances since college. Then I met this guy and we were dating and he says you probably will think I'm crazy but I want a diner table someday for my kitchen. And that friends is the moment I knew Kevin was the one. Ok maybe not exactly but it certainly added to it. 😊

We got married and his parents bought us this for our kitchen. 
It came with 4 chairs and my wonderful Aunt Jan found me two more chairs identical that are actually vintage chairs! Our first home had a very nice kitchen that had been redone so my dream didn't really come true there. We moved to our current home and it needed fresh paint everywhere so a great chance to do It. We are slowly updating things in our home. So this year the kitchen was up. Here's the before picture 

We had the wonderful and talented Mary come redo our cabinets. If you have any work to be refinished and painted she is your girl! She spent about a week painting them from this blah brown and brought them to life with this gorgeous color. 

We updated our appliances. Which Mary and her awesome husband helped with! Added some awesome knobs. And by awesome I mean totally fabulous knobs which really tie it all together. 
We painted the walls turquoise and added some more red decorations, some more coca cola.  And we have our diner kitchen!  It's just as cool as I have ever dreamed. Now all my red really pops and it looks awesome. I just need some black and white tile now. May not be everyone's taste but it's what we love. It's my favorite room in the house right now! Here's some pictures, that don't really do it justice.

I made the "eat" sign and added the arrow. 
This sign hung in my Granny's kitchen for so long. It's my favorite coca cola memorabilia I have.  

So come to the diner and have a milkshake. You will have to bring it from Sonic though. 😉
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