Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why must you make my life so difficult.....

sippy cups!

That's right I'm frustrated with sippy cups. The transition from bottle to cup is so hard. Something about that bottle is so comforting so when you take it away you better find the right cup or cupssssss or there is no hope. RC has been drinking water out of several different kinds of cups for months but none of them will do when it comes to milk. 

So this means you have to buy multiple cups and make several trips to the store to find a sippy cup that will work. And of course you only buy one in case it doesn't work out. And they are all so expensive. Why in the world is one cup $5 or $6? Once you happen to find that one cup he will drink milk out of, you must go back for more, because you only bought one. Well you need at least 4 so you don't have to wash them multiple times a day. And if you're me you think oh let's just buy one more and oh look at this one, maybe he will like it. It's a $1 cheaper, oh here's a two pack, bonus if it works then you already have two? 

 And you know what happens? This! 
You have a stash of several cups and only one, just one is useful to you! This is 7 different kinds of cups! And some of these I have double of.  Sure he might drink water out of them or in a few months take to them, but that doesn't help the pile of cups you have that you can't use now. And where are you supposed to store all these guys? They don't stack so you need a whole cabinet devoted to useless, expensive  sippy cups! And there's still a pile of bottles to use because you only have one sippy cup he can drink milk out of. So make that two cabinets of bottles and sippy cups. 

Well we finally found one that he will drink milk from. There is some hesitation but he finally gives in. I went and bought another one and you know what? 
Somehow we lost the whole top to it? What? How? Who? Ugh!! So now I need to still buy at least 4 more and add more to pile of sippy cups. And this guy is $6.99. Of course he likes it best. Stinker pot! 

Then there's the search for Jman cups. I don't let him drink  from baby sippy cups and want him to use actual nice water cups for kids. I bought him the nice $10 ones at Target and we have lost them twice! My fault too! So we have bought our third one and I guard it with my life. 

Ahhhh sippy cups you drive me crazy!! 
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