Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventures in Potty Training

If you had told me a month ago, actually two weeks ago Jman would ever be potty trained, well I would laugh/cry blubber hysterically. Because just two weeks ago I was so down and figured this child would forever wear diapers. Anytime anyone even talked about potty training or how well their child was doing I wanted to curl up and cry. Because my Jman was still throwing crying fits if you just asked "do you need to potty?" But suddenly two weeks later this boy is, dare I say it? Potty trained!! This has been the greatest challenge I've faced as a parent so far. So much failure because he wasn't ready. 

Here's what I've learned in the year and half of off and on potty training adventures. And most if this is from the past two weeks.  Yep it's been that long. We started before RC was born, trying and talking about it. 

1. It's true what everyone, I mean everyone who has gone through this says! One day it just clicks! No he didn't do the magical wake up and say he needed to potty. We had put all potty things related away and stopped talking about it. A month ago, I was done and I told him "diapers are gross. You will not wear another diaper."  Of course there was fit throwing for a few minutes but I ignored him. And that day he chose to start doing it. Granted it was not great and nothing really clicked until last week. We wore a lot of pull ups (which really is a diaper) that week. But this boy needed a push and I finally did it. And last week it clicked. 

2. I next did something I never planned to do either! I put on..... Elmo! Eek I know. I hate, HATE that creepy, red puppet. We do not watch or have anything Elmo in our house. But I was at the point of trying anything. And guess what? That creepy puppet worked. He said the same stuff I've been saying for a year and all of sudden Jman was listening. Now we watched that thing for two days straight and it helped him get interested. So thank you Elmo. 

3. You find yourself saying a lot of ridiculous things outloud. You cheer for the slightest victory. You ask questions no one should ever really have to be asked. You go around saying things like "Potty Power" in silly voices and cheering as you run around the house and in public if needed. You call family members to celebrate! You share the wonderful news at your nephews birthday party for all to know. Things like "batman doesn't want to be peed on" "Spider-man hates being wet" come out of your mouth. Get over it. Potty training makes you sound like a goober. But it's worth it! 

4. Bribes- do it! Who cares what makes your kid go. Do it! We started with stickers and candy and even a treasure box of prizes (yep I'm a teacher) none of them worked!! Except after Elmo. Then he got candy for sitting, going, making his bear go, looking at the silly potty. Whatever he did, he got candy.  He weaned himself off it too. Awesome. Do whatever you need to do. Our pediatrician even tried shaming. She told him things I've been thinking like "Jman you look like a 4 year old. People think you're 4 and don't potty!" Yep truth. I love our ped. Shaming actually doesn't help though. What really stuck with him was "diapers are gross!" Which he says all the time now. And folks pull up are a diaper. There's no tricking your child there. 

5. Your child will decide it's the right time, right after you buy a giant box of diapers. So I have a box of size 6 diapers with only one used. I know I should keep it for RC but honestly I don't want to look at it for two years and want it gone. 

6. I never thought I would love folding underwear but I do! If it means no more diapers. 

7. Babies throw in a whole other challenge. Imagine doing everything to help one, while the baby repeatedly crawls in and touches the toilet, or starts splashing water everywhere. You can't close the door because who knows what they'll do when the door is shut. You must move baby, help J, move baby and keep repeating. And wash babys hands much more frequently than potty training child. 

8.  No toilet is the same. Everywhere you go they are different heights or sizes. It's quite ridiculous. Thank goodness Jman is tall and it hasn't presented a problem so far. I'm curious how Saturday will go at soccer where there are nasty port a potties. 

9. Pottying is a super power in our house. Jman is officially a super hero! 

10. Get comfortable with naked, especially boys. We spent the first 2 days naked to make things easier. Now he  conviently forgets to put clothes back on after he's done. It's a new battle around the house. 

11. Get out of the house and forget those silly pull ups. Do it. Take the risk. You will be surprised how well they do. First full week in underwear and maybe one or two accidents. Boom. Potty Trained. 

So proud of my Jman. A day I never thought would come has. He chose to do it when he was ready and it's been easy. The months of hair pulling (mine not his) tears and frustrations were not worth it. Here's hoping I remember this in a year when it comes back around for RC. 

Anyone want a box of diapers? 
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